“Epstein is basically a poet of love and celebration. His greatest strengths are wit and tenderness, a kind of energetic muscularity and great technical skill.”

The Washington Post

“There have not been many poet-biographers in this country. Carl Sandburg and John Berryman come to mind... Daniel Mark Epstein, author of seven volumes of poetry and now a fourth biography, is part of this select company. He writes not as a poet and biographer but as an amalgam of both.”

The New York Sun

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"Daniel Mark Epstein writes in the great tradition of Yeats and Frost, using elegantly controlled language to capture the raggedness and heartbreak of life. This extraordinarily lovely and moving book is a testament to the achievement of a major American poet."

ľAdam Kirsch, author of Rocket and Lightship.
Daniel Mark Epstein, poet, biographer, author, Baltimore, New York, Random House, Ballantine, Sister Aimee, Nat Cole, Lincoln, Whitman, The Lincolns
Daniel Mark Epstein is an award-winning poet, biographer, and dramatist whose works include Lincoln and Whitman, Sister Aimee, and Nat King Cole.