Dawn to Twilight:
New and Selected Poems

"Daniel Mark Epstein writes in the great tradition of Yeats and Frost, using elegantly controlled language to capture the raggedness and heartbreak of life. This extraordinarily lovely and moving book is a testament to the achievement of a major American poet."
ľAdam Kirsch, author of Rocket and Lightship

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  The Glass House

The poems in Daniel Mark Epstein’s eighth poetry collection range from the kind of solid and accomplished works for which he is known to astonishing pieces that are near-spiritual encounters.

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  The Traveler's Calendar

In a review in Booklists of Epstein's book of poetry The Traveler's Calendar, (February 29, 2002) the critic wrote, "Biographies of Aimee Semple McPherson, Nat 'King' Cole, and Edna St. Vincent Millay have won Epstein greater renown, but his best writing is his mythically and historically haunted poetry... Epstein's new work... expresses the sorrows of the middle of life's journey with near-Dantesque poignancy."

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  The Boy In The Well and Other Poems

"For all his absolute clarity and purity of diction, Daniel Mark Epstein raises dark winds of the spirit and starts echoes from the deep past. The rocky deserts of biblical Israel and the meadows of Greece are both his native ground. Each poem is a masterfully wrought structure of fine phrasing, sharp imagery and metrical liveliness."
–Guy Davenport

"Daniel Mark Epstein is a truly outstanding poet. I admire the flexibility that can produce compelling short poems life 'At Poe's Grave' and 'Helen,' a fully justified sestina in 'The Inheritance,' and a fine readable story-poem in 'Solomon and the Four Winds.' I am grateful for his artful openness, his power to touch the heart."
–Richard Wilbur

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Daniel Mark Epstein, poet, biographer, author, Baltimore, New York, Random House, Ballantine, Sister Aimee, Nat Cole, Lincoln, Whitman, The Lincolns
Daniel Mark Epstein is an award-winning poet, biographer, and dramatist whose works include Lincoln and Whitman, Sister Aimee, and Nat King Cole.